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Go- Kart Party is the latest innovation in 'bought in' entertainment for children aged 4-10. The cub Kart's eye catching colours give them instant appeal. From the moment children set eyes on the cub karts they want to drive them. Once behind the wheel they are completely enthralled, getting children into the cub karts is certainly a lot easier than getting them out.

Children of ages 4-10 crave, more than anything else, fun, with a sense of achievement and independence. Children's eyes light up with the feeling of their first real driving experience.

We use specially designed Cub karts to give the children a fun packed ride. The cub karts are state of the art battery powered machines, that can be used for both indoor and outdoor Birthday parties. They are built to the highest standards both in terms of safety and design.

The electric powered cub karts travel at speeds between 1 and 6 MPH. With light accurate steering and very smooth controls, youngsters find driving them extremely easy. They cub karts are completely safe with a cushioned seat and padded cockpit, front, side and rear bumpers, sturdy roll bars, and a low centre of gravity.

They are environmentally friendly, as there is no noise and no fumes.They run on wide tyres which do not spin under acceleration and regenerative braking assures they do not skid to a halt. The karts run inside a boundary track measuring 12metres by 15 metres, which is made of heavy duty PVC.

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